the demo albums of Robert J.A. MacDonald


     ...I  am happy to be a SOLO ARTIST that plays ALL INSTRUMENTS, (as opposed to  5 guys with 5 different ideas). It has just always been easier for me  to write and record my ideas by playing all the instruments myself. I  take great pride in my work, and being able to do it all myself, I am  able to capture an idea and really take it to a more detailed and  intense place.  It has been fun to be able to ‘unload’ my creative ideas  in the home-studio. In the true spirit of making respectable art, and  music that rocks, I will always be making new albums and recording new  ideas.

     Sometimes I like to cut loose, and dabble in METAL and ACOUSTIC music,  but I prefer to consider myself a ROCK artist, that genre feels the most  comfortable to me. It gives me the most freedom to change my musical  direction if I choose, and I don’t want to be an artist trapped in my  genre. I’d like to give an ACOUSTIC listener something a little heavier  to listen to, and a METAL listener something a little softer to hear.

     In  my home-studio, i truly feel like i am living in the artist's paradise,  doing whatever i please.  I try to do 1 new  album every year. In the  time it has taken me to get this far, i feel like i have already written  a career's worth of solid material, and i have really 'found myself' as  an artist. My goal is simply to reach as many people as i can, and to  maybe help make a small difference in the world, to be a voice of  empowerment and positivity. But is it wrong to want more? Because i want  that too... 

     I  have always been inspired by all types of music. Any honest art that  has  something good to say, and a positive reason for being is what  turns me on. I do demand positivity from the music i enjoy listening to.  And i do not care for music that promotes negativity, hatred or  ignorance. Life is too short to be wasting time on negativity.   

     My true musical heroes are people like Bono, Sting, Gord Downie, Bob  Geldof and Bruce Cockburn to name just a few. Though my musical tastes  are a bit different from theirs, I admire the way they put their names  and reputations on the line, to stand up for good causes, and to  enlighten people to important political and social issues.   And i do have a soft spot for Canadian bands and artists such as  Nickelback, The Tragically Hip, Gowan, and Rush. I like bands and  artists that represent good music from Canada, as i am a proud Canadian.  

     But musically, you can add Dave Mustaine, Billy Corgan, James Hetfield, Matthew Good, Kurt Cobain,  Three Days Grace, Paramore,  Roger Waters,  Ani Difranco, Phil Collins, Pantera,  Dan Swano, Novembre, and Peter  Tagtgren, among many others,  to my list of influences too! I especially like artists that can do it all themselves, solo artists  that have a single vision, but i do enjoy a wide variety of different  music.