(please  judge my music based on the songwriting, not my home-studio production  capabilities. I'm here as a songwriter not a producer. thanx!) 

I have been playing and writing songs most of my life, and recording for the past 16 years in my personal home studio, 'the  skunkworks home-studio' here in London, Ontario Canada. It feels good  to still be writing new material, and to have 18 albums of what i humbly  consider to be some good solid stuff. Though i still call all of my  recordings 'demos' (because i am yet to record anything professionally),  i hope you can hear the songwriting underneath the sometimes rough  'home-studio' production.

I enjoy combining a variety of influences into my music. From the  intensity of black metal, to the quietness of folk, but with the  accessibility of melodic hard rock. I like fat harmonizing grooves,  charging tempos, and nice long solo and breakdown sections. I love  technical riffs, songs that challenge my abilities. I find that one can  describe an emotional idea in greater detail when more notes are  involved. (harmonies and scale riffs, etc...) But don't get me wrong, I  also find that simplicity is the key to accessibility! 

Every new album is a chance to do something different. From project  to project I'll jump from acoustic to metal, done tastefully, with good  songwriting, and good riff-age! I also try to be positive and uplifting  with my lyrics, to have a positive bottom line to it all. 

No 'HATE  MUSIC' here!

Thanx for swinging by, happy listening! put on some headphones and crank me up! 

cheers and best wishes, Rob. 

*NEW for 2018, an album of solo/acoustic/cover songs. 'circles and squares' (N/A)  

*my newest album of originals is a double ROCK album from 2015: 

'the kinesis experiments I & II'

*and also new for 2015, a double album 'best of' collection: (see DISCOGRAPHY section) 

 *all albums posted for FREE DOWNLOAD at the soundclick: